"When Leah first receives a series of photos, she looks through her collections of scanned ephemera, things she's cherished like old love letters, floral illustrations, text from books, drawings and even textures. Once she has an idea of theme, she prepares and edits the images and passes them on to her team of designers for layout. Leah prints each book using Epson printers and Hahnemüle Photo Rag 308gsm paper and printable vellum sheets in clear and ochre. After a page prints (each takes about five minutes), she hangs it on a laundry line to dry."



"She likes to involve the customer in as much of the creative book-making process as possible. And everything from the painting to the bookbinding is created by hand."

Philadelphia Style

"Your road to matrimony is woven together by layering professional photographs under transparent vellum paper embossed with intimate keepsakes such as wedding invitations, vintage love letters and poems, creating a one-of-a-kind treasure that tells your love story with style.”

After Capture

“Waxworksphoto will transform and enhance your original image using and ancient revised process that combines photography with Ancient Greek painting techniques to turn normal photographs into tactile pieces of art.”

Digital Output

“…you can now sell an astonishing range of distinctive products and services, such as Waxworksphoto…”