Album contents

  • Digital files can be scanned electronically and emailed to or shared (via Dropbox) with
  • Paper items must be mailed to 498 Ripka Street, Philadelphia PA 19128 and will be returned.

Turnaround time

  • PDF design is complete in 2.5 weeks.
  • Each book comes with 3 full rounds of design changes.
  • Final Books take approximately 4 weeks to print and bind.


Payment is due in full at the time of ordering the book.

Shipping Costs

Shipping is additional and is determined once we complete the book. Domestic shipping (standard ground) usually ranges from $35-50. International shipping usually ranges from $75-160. 

Return policy

When you first receive your book, please examine it to see if it meets your expectations. These books are handmade and have organic imperfections. If the book arrives damaged, notify us within 48 hours we will repair the book for free. 

If the book gets damaged after arrival, we are happy to repair it for a small fee. We will give you an estimate on the repair cost.

These books are extremely repairable because they are made by hand (books can be rebound, pages can be reprinted, etc.)